Buy now, get your repair later!

The perfect way to buy a repair token that’s a beautiful piece of limited edition artwork by Jana Baiga, printed on 170gsm silk. Tokens can be exchanged for repairs in our workshop at Abbeyfield Park House.

The tokens have a Best Before date – but so long as they look ok, and smell good then we’ll happily exchange them. There should probably be some terms and conditions, written in very small writing, we don’t have any yet, so here’s the deal: if you want to buy our tokens, you have to be nice. Hopefully that’s legally binding.

So you can click on the pictures below and buy some tokens, we’ll send them out to you post haste! Speaking of postage, it adds £1.50. We use Royal Mail because of all the delivery companies they have the strongest union, and therefore decent conditions for the workers, and hence the best service for the customer.

If you would rather save the postage costs, then select ‘Antarctica’ as the shipping location, put any address in and then you should pay for just the token. You have to put your real address into the payment details so that the card validates – and you can collect your tokens from us during our opening hours of Tuesday to Saturday 10-4.

To order tokens online, we have a ko-fi store: